people who draw really beautiful things with complicated backgrounds and complicated compositions and complicated coloring


Anonymous: I have this headcanon that Mavis and Elsa would be Jacks go to for things, and at one point he's just like "I need more guy friends" because they would tease him so much at times

OMG, that be like AWESOME! lol I also Jack being close to a kid like Vanellope ;w;. But definitely see him saying that xD. One girl having his immortal gift, and the other ice gift, such broness. 

Okay, so I deleted the 1000+ messages I had in my inbox. I tried to answer most of them, privately and publicly as possible. If I missed answering you, I’m sorry! >A< You’re welcome to message me again the same questions you had before, or w/e new you might want to add or say. I just seriously needed to clean my inbox guys, it was getting TOO cluttered and harder for me to handle in organizing. With this i have a clean slate. Thank you! And I apologize once again! D:

Anonymous: Your face is lovely :D! and i love your dimples c:! ( sorry if my english is not right >.< )

LOL my dimples have always been noticeable since i was a baby ;w;.

Anonymous: Have you heard of the vocal versions of the character special themes from Bravely Default.

YES!!!! Ringabel’s is my fav! ;w; Though i love Edea’s too >W<.

Anonymous: That Bravely Default AU art is good.

Aww, thanks :3.

Anonymous: Omg, I love Mavis/Jack Brotp! I can just picture Mavis trying to encourage Jack with Merida! X3


Anonymous: Are you still going to do a Bravely Default AU?

well i just posted a post of it yesterday ;w;, but if you mean more of it, then yes, in due time :3.