Anonymous asked: so your otp is jarida. why?

Here comes an essay again XD. 

Reason WHY Jarida is my otp? I’m guessing why it’s my otp from the big four fandom, huh? Because I have plenty of other otps that top them but I’m taking a break from at this moment xD.

Well, I just think they’re perfect together for the fact they have a lot in common to take from, and yet, are completely different from the other. One literally has what the other wants while the other has what the other needs. Jack lost his family and sibling, never being able to see them again. Merida has what he wants; loving parents, siblings to care for. And yet, she wants freedom, she wants what he has, an escape. Obviously she changed since the film Brave, but it still doesn’t mean she wants to be kept as a obedient princess all the time. They’re similar and opposites in a way. They make mistakes, and ran from responsibility before realizing how some sacrifices weren’t worth losing what they have gained. 

There’s also the fact they have a friction of love/hate between them. It makes their relationship imperfect in a way, not constantly a need for tragedy and romance. Because, let’s face it, any romantic relationship with Jack is tragic. But Merida, it just seems fierce in a way, a constant struggle for them just to appreciate the company rather than worry about the future. It’s also sweet to know how Merida believed in such stories of magic and fairytales from her mother. Out of the big four, I think she would have been able to see and believed in him the most. Yes, he would annoy her for it, seeing as she has a stubborn personality that he enjoys to see, but the fact she could see him and yet accept that fact that he’s real, has always been a soft spot for me. 

They would challenge each other, give each other something different each day. They would be equals, competing against each other in anyway they can. They’re amusing, sweet, cute, sexy, tragic, ALL at the same time. I love couples who could do that for me. They’re not your typical pair, which is probably why how rare it is to see people shipping them amongst this fandom, because they’re not what you expect. 

I also love the fact how Jack could keep Merida being the same, but still getting her cute side out. He has the right quirks and personality to do so. And Merida, she has the right sort of character who could embarrass the almighty Jack Frost, and actually keep up with his pace. Jack is sweet, but he has his devilish side, we all know that. I think Merida is that girl who could be someone who he could be sweet with, but also have as a best friend. And that’s always important in any relationship. You can’t have one over the other. They have that balance of imperfection and trust. She literally is a girl who he could have by his side, without constantly needing to show affection for. 

Oh! And also, I like the fact that Merida wouldn’t fall for Jack’s “perfect” charms. Seems like every girl does, but her, it’s a bit more tricky to get. I like the idea of Jack working for a girl’s affection like Merida. Hence why I wrote the story “Truth or Dare”. And I also think it’s sad that Jack should be with a beautiful and sweet girl, when you got Merida who’s a tomboy and probably so much more than that. It’s like she’s not good enough for him, but she’s basically everything he should want; someone who’s just as imperfect as him and tries to cover it from everyone else to see. It hurts in a way, but it gives both a reason to attempt in getting what they want when in love. 

They don’t have to be a couple, they can be friends, even with benefits, and that’s what I love about them. They’re like the couple Blair/Chuck from Gossip Girl, if you even seen that show lol. It’s how I see them, and I ship those two BADLY from that show xD. (Go figure, they ended up together and got married too lol). I can explain hours, and hours why I ship them to be honest. So many new feelings come to me each day about them. Even when I write fanfics, I’m conveying more of how I feel about them, and why I ship them so hard. I honestly can’t ship or like any of the other big four ships, because they don’t give me the same feeling, or they just seem like a copy of a pairing that’s already there for them. And I don’t think I ever will. I’m just too in love with Jarida, and the fact they have something new to offer to me each day is something I could never throw away, and what I find special about them ;w;. 

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