Oh yes, it is Hijack. I don’t why, but I felt like drawing something for this pair this sunny afternoon xD. It’s nothing too special D:. Sort of did it quickly too while eating lunch and listening to Tatu :<. I love the mafia AU that sometimes come on my dash with them. Anyway, I actually did this as a gift to some beautiful people out there who dared themselves to become my friend. I know how much they support this pair, so I felt like the need to contribute something of my burst of love this fine afternoon to them ;w;. Even though I feel like an outcast, or have my moments where I feel like an awkward turtle, they still make me feel like home and a family. And I’m always happy to draw RS and Hijack for them when the time inspires me to :3.

Bente36, teensophie-draws, guardianoffrost, and derpfire. And even though I’m not sure if they’re into it, that also includes kuiwe, and emma-monsta.

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